Forget about man-made anti-depressants Use CBD…

Depression can be a hard thing to cope with. It gets you down and nothing seems like a good thing to you. It’s like the entire world is against you. But that of course is the way the human mind works. It almost always blows things out of proportion.

Now, I would say that the best way to deal with depression is on your own, you know, by expressing, but that might be a bit hard for people who don’t yet have good control of their mind. Next to that, CBD is the solution. Forget about anti-depressants and other prescription drugs that will do much more harm than good – that is if they do any good at all.

But ever since medical marijuana came on the scene, we’ve been hearing more and more stories about people treating their own depression and even other mental illnesses with the green plant. And while THC is a huge part of the relief process plus it relaxes you a lot, recent research is also suggesting that CBD has a huge anti-depressant properties without the psychoactive effects that THC comes with.


 A study done on OBX mice, which are mice surgically modified to act as a stand in for testing of depression medications, found that these mice that were treated with CBD showed, almost instantly, improvement in their condition – just about 30 minutes after CBD injection, the mice were observed having a noticeable decline in hyperactivity, which is one of the main symptoms of anxiety and depression in humans.

Bad news is that marijuana is still a Schedule I drug (which might change soon enough) making it difficult to study. If the CARERS Act is passed into law, then researchers and scientists will have a much easier time studying this amazing plant.
The simple fact that a substance as abundant as CBD can help people relief their depression and anxiety symptoms in under an hour is remarkable. Millions of people around the world suffer from depression and anti-depressants are simple ineffective, addictive and even deadly.

On the other hand, CBD oil is completely safe and comes without any side effects or addictive properties. For sure it won’t be long before a human study on this subject is conducted and if the results are as we expect them to be, we could be on the brink of the discovery of the ultimate anti-depressant that has been under our nose for thousands of years – CBD.