Dixie Botanicals

(CBD) Cannabidiol Infused Wellness Products

Combining the latest scientific research with innovative thinking, Dixie Botanicals has created proprietary formulations that help the body and mind to promote internal wellness. Our unique over-the-counter nutraceuticals include dietary supplements containing naturally occurring Cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial hemp.

Long cultivated as a valuable companion plant for humans, hemp is now becoming a popular nutritional supplement. Dixie Botanicals hemp oil is derived from the stalk of a specific cultivar of the industrial hemp plant. Using this blend of science and nature Dixie Botanicals offers products such as Dew Drops Hemp Oil Tinctures and Hemp Oil Capsules to assist in promoting overall wellness and easing anxiety due to everyday stress. Hemp Oil Salvation Balm utilizes hemp oil constituents to support and assist tired muscles.  

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 The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers non-THC based hemp products to be "food based" and therefore legal without a medical marijuana license. CBD Rich Hemp Oil is legal in all 50 states.